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Wii Ghost Squad

June 2008 - By Erich V

The Good: This game is fun. Awesome party game. Fun with zapper accessory. Fast action and above average gameplay and audio.

The Bad: Lacks replay value in single player modes. There are perhaps a few too many cut scenes between shooting.

Stop, or I'll say stop again!
So if you have two Wii Zappers, or a couple of Nyko Perfect Shot guns you can play the 2 player mode and do some fun two handed shooting. Otherwise I did find single player to get a little boring after about the 20th play. Much more fun can be had when you have four players because, yes, everybody loves to shoot terrorists, and that is what this game is all about... Shooting the ugly over-bearded south american bad guys.

There are basically only 3 campaigns you can run through; Rescue the President on Air Force One. Save a bunch of whining hostages in a hotel setting, or save the hapless hostage in a south american jungle setting. Each campaign can be run multiple times because the missions change as you progress and there are many unlockable side missions that you must complete. The action is slick and fast paced. There is almost a "COPS" kind of feel to the action and narration that gives this game an overall reality feel, and that is what makes it really fun as a 4 player party game.

You can shoot most everything you see as you progress like, bowls of fruits, wine bottle groupings, big ol' pane glass windows, the terrorists of course, and yes, even your very own whiny hostages if you want. The game can be difficult in areas but you have many continues and you really have to mess up to fail a mission. Overall I would say that this is a challenging game to master.

One of the best aspects of Ghost Squad is that there are many different items to shoot as well as many different ways of shooting at stuff. You get your basic single shot, multi-shot and machine gun shooting. There is timed sniping (I found this to be the most fun), missile launching, grenade tossing, bomb diffusing and even hand to hand combat with an unusual control. There are practice modes included and a few (very few) mini-games, like target practice.

We tested this game using a Nyko Perfect Shot gun (Available at Best Buy or Amazon for $15) and we were very pleased with the results. Although, when playing 4 players one of our players did prefer to just use their Wii controller rather than the gun. The handle is a bit large and can be fatiguing to your hand unless you loosen your grip between action sequences. I would definitely recommend this gun for any Wii shooting game. It also allows access to all the remote buttons and you can easily hookup a nunchuck controller for games that require one.
Nyko Perfect Shot Wii Gun

To sum up (this is the part I always read first) the graphics are smooth and believable, the shooting is fast and has a very very accurate feel and features a nice "bang smoosh" kind of sound when you connect so you just want to keep shooting. The terrorists are ugly and taunt you repeatedly. The game just lacks in replay value unless you have a group of 4 friends. Be sure to also get a plastic gun accesory to jam your Wii remote into.

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Ghost Squad
Players: 1-4
Release: Nov 20, 2007
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