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Wii Cocoto Magic Circus

June 2008 - By Erich V

The Good: This game has some of the very best music I have ever heard in a video game. The graphics are colorful and fun. Control is very accurate.

The Bad: Game is waaaay to short to be more then a rental. It has some replay value as a party shooting game.

What About Nintencocotos?
What exactly is a Cocoto? Is it like an Orc or more like a Hobbit? I did enjoy this game, many elements of the shooting are very fun, however, some "missions" can be repetitive and boring. Cocoto Magic Circus does have some incredible music and a very scary beautifully animated clown that guides you through the game missions. The graphics are very solid and colorful. The biggest problem with this game is the total lack of game modes and missions. Subsequently the replay value is very low, however the game can be purchased for $20.00 or less.

There is really only one game mode in single player, and it includes around 20 different shooting missions with graphic variations on each one to make it appear to be around 100 or more missions. The aiming is very solid, easy to learn and somewhat challenging. There are no major flaws in game control and it can be quite fun playing through the different shooting missions. Multiplayer is enjoyable as well and the game supports up to 4 players with different multiplayer game modes including duel and tournament.

Nyko Perfect Shot
I tested this game using a Nyko Perfect Shot gun (Available at Best Buy or Amazon for $15) and was very pleased with the results. The handle is a bit large and can be fatiguing to your hand unless you loosen your grip between action sequences. I would definitely recommend this gun for any Wii shooting game. It also allows access to all the remote buttons and you can easily hookup a nunchuck controller for games that require one.
Nyko Perfect Shot Wii Gun

Cocoto Magic Circus is fun, does have nice sound and graphics, game control is very accurate, however, I can not recommend this game because it is really one of those "pretty good games that just sits on the shelf" kind of games. If Cocotos ever become a popular cultural icon with a Saturday morning cartoon then this game would probably be more enjoyable to the very young crowd. But in my opinion, Cocotos are just too damn ugly.

Cocoto Magic Circus Screenshots:

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Cocoto Magic Circus
Players: 1-4
Release: March 12, 2008
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